The student and the soldier, 1960s.

Kouka Webb

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arctic monkeys - i wanna be yours


Daehyun Kim (AKA Moonassi)

  • Interface, 2014
  • Pain-proof, 2014
  • Floating head, 2014
  • Attached, 2014
  • See real time, 2014
  • Ray of light, 2014

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another one of those body comparisons

I can’t fucking share someone, god dammit I’m one selfish person. I want one person all to my self, their laughs and tears, I want to be the first person they tell when something happens, good and bad, I want to piss them off at 2pm, make up for it at 6pm, and to save them at 2am. I need some one all to my self or not at all.
I saw that you still follow her when you said it was nothing (via allhopeisgon-e)

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